Creative Sewing Center のスタディホール

Do you remember Study Hall back in school? It was a time set aside to work on your own homework assignments. Often there was a teacher present to assist with questions that might arise while working on your own. Though not a tutorial session, the teacher present could answer basic questions in order to keep you moving through the assignments.

Heirloom Creations has taken that same Study Hall atmosphere and scheduled a variety of sewing, quilting, serging, and embroidery classes. These Study Hall classes run the entire day for people to come and go as their schedule allows. Study Hall classes can also be used for just a good old fashion open sew day for maybe a group of friends. Organize a day a of fun and socializing and enjoy the company of your own compadres.

What is a Heirloom Creations’ “Study Hall” Class? – Heirloom Creations